Henna Mehndi

In addition to providing Photography at Photo Lock, we can also provide Henna Mehndi designs adding to the magic,  perfect for those Asian religious/wedding ceremonies –

Zaini Sham our artist provides an excellent Henna Mehndi service for a huge variety of events such as weddings, parties, special occasions and charity events just to name a few. Designs can be created to match your outfit style. The glitters and rhinestones can be added to match the colour of your outfit.

We provide the following tpes of  Mehndi, which are both natural and organic:

Natural Henna Mehndi – traditional, modern and a fusion of both.






Glitter Mehndi – for adding colour to your design.






Rhinestone addition – for adding that extra sparkle and giving your mehndi that final WOW factor.






The henna used is of excellent quality and is mixed personally by the artist  using only natural ingredients. Please note that  black henna is never used as it has shown to have some adverse effects on the skin.

Please email Zaini for further information: